Jun 18

Quick tip – Optimize PNG and JPG via a linux shell

For WordPress there are quite a few decent plugins to optimize images everytime you upload one ( I like EWWW ). But what about your old ones, and the ones that come via your theme and somebody forgot to do this?

Fortunately it’s quite easy to optimize images. These commands you can use to recursively batch process a whole directory structure. Just wait, and done.

find ./ -name '*.png' -print0 | xargs -0 optipng -clobber -preserve -nc -nb -o7

Optipng is for PNG images. Make sure it’s installed on your computer. The extra options are for preserving the permissions, overwriting and using quite some processing to come to the best optimization. You can alter the options.

If you want to use a different directory change the ./ (current) to something else.

For JPG’s :

find ./ -name '*.jpg' -print0 | xargs -0 jpegoptim -p -t -o

Sep 13

Find your wiki : Wikimatrix.org

Another short tip on a site that is remarkably hard to find but very handy: Wikimatrix. I often use wiki’s to store information and short notes to be able to find things back quickly. As always the problem is what wiki software to run. There are literally thousands of options.

On Wikimatrix.org they offer a wizard which will help to narrow down to choices. Besides you can side-by-side compare different wiki’s. Not all wiki’s are that good though ( keep in mind ) but this site will help to narrow down your search.

Nov 12

5 things to think about when starting a new site

There are zillions of non-updated and dead sites and most sites could have been a lot better with some consideration.

I have been talking with lot’s of not-internet savvy people looking to jump in online with their own site, either personal or for a small business. Five hings to consider first before even starting a new site.

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