Feedwordpress Filters (announcement)


Update: Feedwordpress Advanced Filters has been released, see this page.

Avid readers of this blog (hi mom!) know that I dive a lot into the Feedwordpress plugin. But still some things are not satisfying enough for me.

RSS is a great technique to get data, but unfortunately some of the sites I gather my feeds from are, let’s say, not very good. A lot of feeds out there need editing and molding to make it decent. This is one of the reasons I need Feedwordpress filters to shape the content a little bit.

For simply excluding posts there is the quite nice ADA Feedwordpress plugin (if hope to use this logic some day, since it’s good). But I yet couldn’t find any plugin that let’s you do what I want.

Introducing FeedWordpress Advanced Filters

I wanted a flexible yet easy method to filter content from feeds. So I decided to start my own plugin. I have had some experience writing small plugins ( replacing this or doing that ) and digging around other peoples plugin, but this is my biggest project so far.



  • Filter certain keywords from the feed
  • Removing HTML from the post
  • Being to able to add posts to an extra category if a certain keyword is found
  • Resize images found in feed to standard WordPress sizes (i.e. ‘medium’)
  • Ability to move images to front or bottom of post


  • Well-written and clear code respecting namespaces etc
  • Easily extendible ( other filters )
  • Fitting in the Feedwordpress framework

So far

By now I’m testing the plugin on one of my real sites to see if everything is according to wish, squish bugs and improve things that come up.

The idea is to release to code to the WordPress community (of course) but I want to be sure that no really weird things can happen first.

What other filters would you like to see for Feedwordpress? If you came to this article because you are looking for similar functionality and you want to have a go with it on a Test installation feel free to comment or contact me!

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